Even old New York was once New Amsterdam

Why they changed it I can't say, people just liked it better that way

Fuel-efficiency standards do not really change drivers’ behavior in a helpful way. Gas taxes do.
Fuel-Efficiency Standards Have Costs of Their Own -

When I read pieces like this, It reminds of why I’m pulling so much for Obama to win a second term. It’s important, especially during campaign years, to separate the person from the politician. Do I agree with everything our president has done in his first term? But it’s hard to begrudge your president for not playing the game as well as he could or should have, when playing the game well equates to how slimy you can be and still get away with it. 

Sure, he hasn’t been able to keep all of his promises; to do everything he’s set out to do in four years. But it would be shortsighted to blame the leader and not the underlying, underwhelming governmental infrastructure.

I saw another two party system in action when I went to the Giants-Cowboys game last week. There was so much collective excitement at the beginning of the game, such shared passion and inspiration. And then the Cowboys had to muck it all up. Instead of supporting our home team; instead of cooperation and honor, and the commitment to reach across the line of scrimmage and lift up our Super Bowl champions, all these a-holes had in mind was winning. They stood in our team’s way and blocked our path to glory. It’s no wonder I’ve seen Barry come down with a case of Eli-face more than a few times these last four years. 

But… BUT! What if there’s a second term? What if we don’t have to worry about appeasing the unappeasable? What if we don’t do what’s politically efficacious, but what’s right and reasonable and honestly, the most intelligent thing to do? If you agree with and stand by the person and their underlying principles, hopefully, the politics will follow.